Psychosomatic Energetics

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Psychosomatic Energetics

Over the course of their lives people can experience internal injuries, creating, for example, “a tight knot of rage in the stomach”, or “the bile rises in one´s throat”. These emotional conflicts are repressed into the subconscious and can, according to alternative medicine, disturb psychosomatic energetics´ subtle energy giving rise to the so-called energy blocks according to the underlying theory.

The themes of emotional conflicts always belong to the same energetic centres of the body, also known as chakras. In Western physiology terms we rather speak of levels of the autonomous nervous system. As an example, the “rage” conflict always rises in the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus or celiac ganglion area, which innervates all organs in the upper abdominal region.

Dr Banis, the inventor of the method, found only 28 emotional conflicts, which have a profound impact on people´s life energy and wellbeing.

PSE combines modern science with homeopathy and traditional Eastern energy medicine, and offers an effective holistic approach for physical and psychological problems at any age.

Disease can be seen as a deficiency in the flow of life energy which can be blocked by psychological stress, unsolved emotional conflicts, environmental load, or functional organ problems.

PSE identifies the energy blocks caused by emotional conflicts with the help of a special test device (REBA®). Specially designed homeopathy compound remedies are used to treat the energy blockages. Usually three conflicts must be treated, one after the other, until a person regains full energy flow in the subtle energy fields.



An emotional conflict comprises the same energetic layers as the human body. The conflict is fed with the body´s life energy through a connection similar to an umbilical cord.



The 3 steps of the energy test:

  1. determination of the energy levels with the help of the REBA® test device
  2. testing of energy blockages
  3. testing of the appropriate complex homeopathy compound remedies

The 2 or 3 tested remedies are then taken twice a day for 2-5 months.

The goals of PSE are as follows:

  • Resolving energy blockages
  • Noticeable raising the energy levels
  • Development of personal potential
  • Improving symptoms
  • Activation of self-healing capabilities
  • Balancing body, mind and soul

Among other conditions PSE can help with: Food intolerances, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, burn out, fatigue, depression, sleep problems, anxiety, bedwetting, ADHD, or fear of school.

Dr Rainer Viehweger has been using Psychosomatic Energetics for 15 years and he is still loving to see the changes clients can make when they free themselves from unnecessary emotional burdens. He became a Certified Energy Therapist in 2004.

At the session we will take your case history, perform the 3 steps of the REBA test including testing your supplements or medication, and then discuss the results. You will be given the test report and the recommendations for the homeopathic remedies.

A session takes about 60 minutes. You may need 3 to 6 sessions every few months over a period of up to 18 months. Costs per session of about 60 minutes: £90 Costs of the homeopathic remedies per session: £70-120

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