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Does your baby have difficulty feeding?

Have you considered a tongue-tie?



A tongue-tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is where the membrane under the tongue is shortened or tight and it restricts the mobility of the tongue.  The tongue tip may look blunt, forked or have a heart shape appearance.  Tongue-ties can also be at the back which are more difficult to detect and are recognised by an assessment of the tongue function.  It is quite common and now reported that 1 in 10 infants has a tongue tie and about half of these cause feeding difficulties.

Here are some symptoms you may be experiencing. There can be other reasons for the same symptoms.  You do not need to have all the symptoms.

It is important that you and your baby are assessed by a practitioner who is skilled in infant feeding support.

Tongue-Tie signs and symptoms – mother

Sore, damaged or bruised nipples

Misshapen or discoloured nipples after feeding

Engorgement/mastitis (from poor drainage)

Reduced milk supply

Exhaustion from frequent feeding

Distress from failure to establish breastfeeding.


Tongue-Tie signs and symptoms – Baby

Restricted tongue and jaw mobility

Restless and unsettled feeds

Difficulty achieving and sustaining a deep attachment

Difficulty staying attached to breast or bottle

Premature end of feed due to exhaustion

Frequent and or very long feeds

Excessive early weight loss or failure to gain weight

Difficulty controlling milk flow – chokes easily

Clicking noises while feeding or dribbling

Colin, wind, hiccoughs or flatulence

Difficulty with managing solid foods



Private tongue-tie assessments and divisions

Infant feeding consultations

Additional assessments

Feeding support

Postnatal breastfeeding support care packages

Breastfeeding problem solving

Telephone consultations

Home visits if required


Tongue-tie divisions £120

  • Home visits, no need to travel to hospital
  • Evenings and weekend appointments available
  • Follow up appointments and care included
  • Breastfeeding advice and care

Travel applicable fee if outside of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch or surrounding areas.


Postnatal breastfeeding support £150 (£130 if booked antenatally)

  • Three home visits
  • One hour per session
  • Multiple babies at no extra cost


One off breastfeeding support £45 (£36 if taken with tongue tie consultation)

  • 75 minute session
  • Home visit
  • Multiple babies at no extra cost
  • Individualised breastfeeding support
  • 20% discount if booked with tongue tie consultation


Alice Girling Registered Midwife, BSc Hons, PGCE, Advance HE Fellow
Independent Midwife and Infant Feeding Specialist


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