Trigger Shock Wave Therapy

Trigger Shock Wave Therapy

Myofascial trigger points are the main cause of musculoskeletal pain

syndromes. Dr Rainer Viehweger started to use TST in 2001. His wide experience in using TST results from treating hundreds of patients successfully, eliminating or significantly reducing chronic pain, or avoiding surgery.

Trigger points are classified as active or latent.

Active trigger points create persistent pain symptoms. Latent trigger points are mainly found in shortened muscles with decreased range of motion of the joints and the spine. They can become activated through muscle overuse, repetitive motion, exposure to cold and often as an effect of an activated immune system which we experience as muscle aching during a flu or flu like cold.

It is known that in trigger point areas of the muscles the pH is acidic and signs of inflammation are present. Over time you feel pain and hypersensitivity can occur.  Even a trigger point in the gluteus muscle can be misdiagnosed as Sciatica.

The Swiss Dolorclast device is used, which generates radial shockwaves up to 15 Hz. These shockwaves are very short pressure waves, very similar to acoustic waves, which are applied to the adhesive trigger areas.  This is not a painful treatment.

TST is always combined with complementary anti-inflammatory and pain reducing methods such as Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and/or miHealth therapy.

TST is non-invasive and safe, no injections or needling are necessary. Not advised if you are on blood thinners or pregnant.

A first result is often seen after the first treatment. 2-6 sessions, rarely more.

Cost:   £110 per session (60mins)

Conditions Treated:

Chronic neck pain
Some forms of headaches
Lower back pain
Disc herniation
Shoulder and arm pain (rotator cuff
problems, tennis or golfer´s elbow,
Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
Plantar fasciitis

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