Stress Incontinence



It’s called “Hypopressives”

Training for your Pelvic Floor – stop bladder weakness


Is Bladder Weakness Cramping Your Style?

“Are you tired of dealing with a weak bladder and finding Kegel exercises less effective than you had hoped?”

“Are you doing lots of sit-ups but still failing to strengthen your core?”

It might be time to explore a refreshing new alternative.  Discover a way to improve your pelvic floor and bladder. Enter Hypopressives.

Hypopressives is the new kid on the block, a lesser known yet highly effective alternative to pelvic floor issues.  These exercises are slowly gaining recognition among women’s health professionals. Hypopressives was developed by Dr. Marcel Caufriez, a Belgian physician, who recognised that the pelvic floor and respiratory system were connected and if used correctly would strengthen your whole core.  

WHAT IS BLADDER WEAKNESS?  (Stress Incontinence)

Firstly it is very common but not NORMAL!


  • 40% of women suffer
  • Leaking. Aggravated by coughing sneezing exercising 
  • Constantly going to to the toilet or in a rush
  • Accidentally passing wind
  • A feeling in the vagina of heaviness, discomfort, pulling, dragging or dropping.
  • In men may be felt as a bulge in the rectum Pain in your pelvic area


  • Common in pregnancy and menopause
  • Posture can aggravate it
  • Constipation makes incontinence worse
  • Sits Ups can make it worse
  • Kegel exercises have been found to be ineffective.


The Benefits

  • Increases the tone of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Improves posture
  • Decreases back & neck pain
  • Prevents stress incontinence
  • Prevention for prolapse and hernias
  • Reduces waist line and flattens the abdomen

By improving pelvic tone with Hypopressives you reduce the risk of pelvic prolapse whilst supporting the bladder and uterus. 

The holistic approach of Hypopressives strengthens not only the pelvic floor but also the entire core, resulting in improved stability of your back and posture.

Studies suggest that Hypopressives may be more effective than traditional Kegels in addressing urinary incontinence.

Hypopressives contributes to better health.  Many breathing techniques are used to reduce stress and by activating the respiratory system during Hypopressives you achieve relaxation and a feeling of well-being.


Janis will assess you and teach you how to change the relationship between the way you breath and the pelvic floor muscles. To maintain it you Janis will teach you the exercises to do at home.  The body is complex and changing one thing in isolation does not work.  The body works as a whole. The muscles work together. Janis will look at the way you breath in relation to your diaphragm and how you engage your muscles (or not).  Hypopressives will take all of this into account and Janis will give you a plan and a progress report. 

Let Janis show you how to improve your bladder problems by attending a 1-1 session with her or by attending one of her workshops. 

Contact Janis Laking at or telephone 01202 300320


Janis is a Chiropractors with over 25+ years of experience.  She is particularly interested in posture and the function of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. She teaches Hypopressives. 

We always advice that you see your GP and get diagnosed for what type of incontinence you have and to rule out any underlying pathology. 

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